Fronts for glass cabinets

Witryna typ A

Witryna typ B

Witryna typ C

Witryna typ D

Witryna typ E

Witryna typ F

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Witryna typ H

Witryna typ I

Witryna typ J

Witryna typ K


1. All fronts for glass cabinets presented in the catalogue are only an illustrative visualization of the shape.
2. Each type of display cabinet can be ordered in a specific milled front pattern.
3. It’s possible to adjust the fronts for glass cabinets according to the needs – for example dividing it into more windows, adding an additional crossbar, duplicating the pattern in the case of higher fronts. Fronts for glass cabinet modifications may be restricted by technology requirements.
4. The width of the outer frames is adapted to the selected milled pattern.
5. The width of the bars is adapted to the selected milled pattern and technological requirements.
6. It is possible to mill the glass recess from the left side of the front.
7. The openwork grille (applies to the type K display case) is designed for self-assembly by the customer.
8. It is also possible to make other types of shop windows – first, you should submit an inquiry to confirm the possibility of making a given front for glass cabinets